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Unreachable: By Conventional Means

We have just completed day 13 of our 23 day shoot here in New York City. What an amazing place to shoot a movie! I am a little biased because it will always be home.

Not only do we have a great script written by David Shapiro, but a very talented cast and crew to boot. Our Captain, Rory Rooney is making his directorial debut. And doing a damn fine job!

We have been at multiple locations including Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Nyack, NY.

Josh Brener and the lovely Alexandra Daddario are our leads. Josh, (whom you may know for his most recent role of "Lyle" in The Internship) plays "David."  And "Kate" is played by Alexandra. Her latest role was "Annabeth" in Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters.

I am so pleased and proud to be executive producing this film with our great friends at Red Crown Productions. They make it easy!

I also want to congratulate Hal Cosec on his screen debut! He killed it. And my beautiful wife/partner and actress extraordinaire, Anne O'Shea (who appears as "Kate's" mom).  I couldn't do this without you!