Sundance Catalyst Weekend - Inspiring & Supportive

The inaugural Sundance Catalyst Weekend event was as inspiring and supportive as all the artist-driven events we've come to expect from the Sundance Institute! The difference for me however was that I felt we as investing producers were included in that Artist at the Table model! The primary intention on SCW was to put director/writer/creative producer teams in the same room with potential investors and industry advisers.  It was also intended to demystify the process of funding a project and creating an atmosphere whereby "artists" could see that savvy, knowledgeable investors can work as team members and not just as a check writer with no input.  We as investing producers have long sought this recognition and support and were just thrilled to be invited to be among the 20 investors (of wide ranging experience) included in this first (of many we hope!) Catalyst Weekends! 

Highlights of the weekend were getting the opportunity to speak one-on-one (or two) with film makers whose work we have long admired, and to get the opportunity to become attached to these specially curated projects (most from the Sundance Labs) that have been vetted to a very high standard by the Sundance team.  AND to have the opportunity to speak with and hang out with each and every member of that team and learn exactly what it is they do! This just never happens during the Festival itself because everyone is so slammed!

I look forward to seeing everyone back in Sundance in January and I invite you to stay tuned for progress reports regarding two of our acquired Sundance projects: Indian Point and Campus Assault! We are thrilled to be a part of both.  When confirmation on the others is forthcoming, we will share those as well!